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What Our Clients Say

  • "We were very impressed with the professional sales assistance offered by the Norris & Stevens Team. They were very timely in offering the comprehensive details needed to analyze and close a transaction. More importantly, after assessing multiple options we were even more impressed by their Property Management Team and are delighted to be continuing with their expert services, benefiting all of the valued tenants of the Park!”

    Karl Hansen Managing Member | FKR Properties, LLC
  • “[Norris & Stevens' Broker] was awesome, amazing in fact. He never gave up on me or the transaction even when it did not look good. It seemed dead in the water for a solid year and he kept after it. He was tenacious and did everything he could to make a frustrating transaction come together. I can’t thank him enough.”

    Mason Daniel Rose City Strip
  • "It has been almost 25 years since we started our relationship with Norris & Stevens. Thanks to you, our apartments are doing well. Thank you for the last 25 years!"

    Tom Reink Owner
  • "Thanks so much to Tim Budelman for all his help and effort in the management and ultimate sale of my building in Beaverton.  In the 6 years of working together with Tim, I have never been disappointed in his professionalism or his hard work. Good news or bad news, he was always on top of the situation and got the job done. Most of all, I appreciated his communication with me. Tim was always there if I had a question and kept me informed about the tenants. Of all the real estate agents I’ve worked with through the years, Tim has been the best. He was able to keep the building full, tenants happy (with the great help of Kelly Keys and other Property managers through the years) and sold the building at nearly full asking price.  I know the sale was not an easy one, but Tim pulled it off and sheltered me from needless drama. Thank you for that. Norris and Stevens is very lucky to have such a great, upbeat and caring sales person in their company."

  • "I would recommend Norris and Stevens most highly. I have been involved in real estate since 1985 and have had several buildings managed by different companies around Portland. It's hard to explain how thrilled I've been with Norris & Stevens' management. They instantly respond to every question I've ever asked regarding my buildings in their care."

    M. Nowers
  • "I am doing much better now that I unloaded the management of my 300 unit apartment property to Norris and Stevens. That is the most prudent and timely decision that I gladly made! The past year was stressful and challenging, so I am grateful that your company was able to step up to the plate and take over the management!"

    Edita Smith Owner
  • “We have worked closely, continuously and exclusively with Norris & Stevens for 25 years in the management of family-held commercial real estate. A relationship based on trust and competence quickly developed, and over the years we have had no thought of moving to a different property management company. We would strongly recommend Norris & Stevens to anyone interested in finding a superlative property management company.”

    Jeff Lee Owner & Manager

Our Tenants and Clients